About Us

Entner Electronics was founded 2003 in Feldkirch (Austria) as "one-man show" for electronic development.


Since then we have focused on camera development and production. Nowadays we have about 20 people and produce ca. 10 000 cameras (mainly customized products) per year.



Mission & Vision

We want to be the first point of contact for our customers for every image processing problem and achieve added value for our customers through our solutions.


We achieve this through our values:


  • High technical level
    Due to our high technical level we are able to make complex problems appear simple. Unconventional solutions and innovative ideas set us apart from others. We speak the language of our customers and are therefore able to communicate our solutions in a transparent and understandable way. We are not your average service provider!
  • Fun at work
    Every employee should enjoy coming to work and have fun doing their job. We are not average and neither are our employees. We are exceptional and therefore able to develop and implement exceptional solutions!
  • Partnership with customers and suppliers
    We cannot be successful without our business partners. Therefore, we see our partners as a part of us, which we need to fulfill our services. We treat them respectfully and fairly and expect the same from them.
  • Cost awareness
    We keep an eye on expenses and try to make them intelligent and sustainable. This also means that we act cost-consciously for our customers and follow a cost-optimized approach even for all aspects.
  • Quality awareness
    We strive for continuous improvement in every area of our activities, both in the technical solutions for our products and in our internal processes and interfaces with our customers and suppliers.


We want to be the best supplier

and partner for embedded imaging

and camera solutions




Company Policy

We operate an Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001 and thereby want to achieve a continuous improvement of our development services and our manufactured products for our customers. This is achieved by making our processes, procedures and practices measurable and generating appropriate measures and targets.


Our management manual is focused on meeting the needs of our customers, the needs of interested parties and the legal requirements for the electronics industry, and is therefore an essential means of achieving our goals.


Within the framework of our corporate philosophy, every effort is therefore made to ensure that only services whose quality standard meets customer requirements will be provided in the future. For our quality management system, it is therefore important to identify errors and error risks as early as possible and to initiate appropriate measures.


The present management manual of Entner Electronics GmbH covers all processes of the company from the processing of inquiries to the provision of services.


The management system and its permanent further development are fully supported by the management. Quality assurance measures accompany all steps in the provision of our services.


The management manual is available to all employees for inspection at any time.


This company policy has been defined by the top management. The company policy is regularly monitored via the annual management review and the influencing factors in the management review, thus ensuring its maintenance and continuous improvement.