Entner Electronics Becomes F1 Start Time Sponsor

As many people will have heard, F1 start time has shifted to 15:10 (3:10 PM) for the 2018 season. However, many have questioned the reasoning of this.


Now the cat is out of the bag: Entner Electronics has become "start time" sponsor and the new start time has been chosen to promote the brand new UC-3(:)10, a compact but powerful 10x zoom camera module with 3MP resolution with many output interfaces and on-board Linux.


What was not known yet is that during the season also other start times will be used to promote different products:

  • Russia GP: 2:03 PM, to promote our UC-203GS, the 2MP global shutter camera with 3x zoom
  • German GP: 2:40 PM, featuring the upcoming new flagship UC-240GS: 2MP gobal shutter with 40x (!) zoom
  • British GP: 3:30 PM, for the UC-330 (3MP, 30x zoom)
  • American GPs: 8:xx PM, to advertise the upcoming 8MP (4K) products


The sponsoring is limited to 2018. For 2019 the start time will return to 2:00 PM, effectively promoting our best-selling UC-200 for free.


For release on 1st April 2018.

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