New Family of USB3.0 High Speed Cameras



The LUCY-CS20-USB3 is a compact high-speed camera with CS-mount. Because of integrated MJPEG-compression it can achieve higher frame-rates compared to competing products, e.g. 1200fps at 640x300. The maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 (2MP).


Also options with 4MP, C-mount and CameraLink are available.


For more details look at LUCY-CS20.


The "big sister" LUCY-MFT20/40 is based on the LUCY-CS20, but features an active Micro Four Thirds mount that can be used for motorized focusing and on some lenses also motorized zoom control. A wide range of high quality lenses is avaiable. For more details, look at LUCY-MFT20.



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