Do you know Lucy?

After over a year of development, Entner Electronics officially announces 4 new cameras:

UC-23: The logical sucessor of our UC-20 with increased resolution, speed, zoom-ratio and reduced price. Beside that it offers plenty of head-room for customer-specific adoptions and can also be extended with add-on-boards.

The LUCY-camera-family are the first cameras from Entner Electronics that include a housing to simplify the usage of our cameras for non-OEM customers:

LUCY-RH23: A housed version of the UC-23 (i.e. with integrated 16x high-resolution-zoom-lens) with remote-head configuration for slim cabling in many applications.

LUCY-CS50: A "classic" 5 Megapixel camera with CS-mount and VGA- and DVI-output.

LUCY-S50: The same 5 Megapixel camera with S(M12)-mount.


So you really should meet Lucy at booth 6D51 on the Vision 2010!

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